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Posted in Newsletters by Patrick O'Brien on 6 April, 2008

“Whaika te Whakapono”

Seek for the Truth – Follow the Truth



Update No. 06 / ~ Here come the frosts

From: O’Brien
To: {opt-in} Blind Mailing List
Sent: Sunday, April 06, 2008 8:01 PM
Subject: Here come the frosts…

Greetings from the road . . .

(1.) With the change of season and lower night time temperatures, I will leave the South Island soon (when the frosts arrive) and head for Hamilton to meet my former targets

You will continue receiving updates of my progress via this medium and format — but, in addition, I am currently setting up a Web Site, specifically to maintain a permanent record of events, that you may visit and share with friends

The site remains under construction with only the bare bones in place at this time. Here is the link:


(2.) Here is the press statement released by police administrators following my confession of perjury:

“…A significant portion of the allegations made by Mr O’Brien to TV3 have
been investigated on several previous occasions, by Police and by
independent investigators.’

‘Those previous investigations, of the perjury allegations, could not obtain
sufficient evidence of perjury to enable the cases to be further prosecuted
or otherwise pursued with the former undercover agents.’

‘However, NZ Police view Mr O’Brien’s most recent comments very seriously.
He has raised new allegations relating to tampering with evidence. We look
forward to his cooperation in helping investigate these new allegations.’

‘We are working to engage an independent investigator – a Queens Counsel –
to conduct the investigation into Mr O’Brien’s latest allegations. That
person will be in contact with Mr O’Brien once the terms and scope of the
investigation have been finalised…”

 (3.) Here is an {edited extract} of an email that police administrators sent me regarding their “independent” inquiry:

TO: Patrick John O’Brien
FROM: { police administrators }

Mr O’Brien…NZ Police have appointed Bruce Squire QC to look into the
allegations you have made. Mr Squire will be initiating contact with you in
the near future.

 (4.) PLEASE NOTE . . . if you do not wish to receive any more updates you may simply opt-out of the Blind Mailing List, as follows:

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If you have not heard from me within 5 days – please
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(5.) My life is good and my blessings continue. Thank you for the personal messages of support

Kind regards

Patrick O’Brien



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