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07 – 20080426

Posted in Newsletters by Patrick O'Brien on 26 April, 2008

“Whaika te Whakapono”

Seek for the Truth – Follow the Truth



Update No. 07 / ~ An “Independent” Inquiry

From: O’Brien
To: {opt-in} Blind Mailing List
Sent: Saturday, April 26, 2008
Subject: An “Independent” Inquiry

Greetings from the road . . .

(1.)  You will note a small change on the Subject line of this message with the introduction of an {opt-in} number. For various unknown reasons, some recipients have not received all {opt-in} updates and this small addition to the Subject line will provide a simple numerical index for tracking purposes

(2.)  Here is a copy of an email I received from the “independent” investigator commissioned by the New Zealand Government’s Department of Police following my confession of perjury:

From: Featherston Chambers
To: O’Brien
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Subject: Fwd_Police Inquiry

Dear Mr O’Brien,

I understand that you have been advised by the New Zealand Police that I
have been appointed to inquire into the allegations made in your letters of
30 November 2007 and 22 January 2008 to the Chief Justice and the Registrar
of the High Court at Hamilton respectively.

My Terms of Reference require me to identify and clarify the allegations
made by you that whilst a Police Officer you told lies and tampered with
evidence to obtain convictions, to assess the implications and veracity of
those allegations, and to determine whether in any case there is a
reasonable basis to suspect criminal offending which would justify a formal
Police Investigation being initiated. At the conclusion of my Inquiry I am
required to provide the Commissioner of Police with a report.

I would like to begin the Inquiry as soon as possible within the framework
of my other commitments. In that connection I have a trial commencing on 7
April 2008 which I expect to last not less than six weeks, so that it is
unlikely I will be able to make any significant progress in this inquiry
until after that. However, it would be of assistance to me in defining the
parameters of my Inquiry if you could provide me with the following

(i) The nature of the lies which you have indicated in the
correspondence previously referred to, you gave in evidence in the
particular cases you have identified.

(ii) If possible, the cases, perhaps by reference to the names of the
defendants, in which the lies were told. In that connection I note that you
refer to a ‘circuit court session’ presided over by Justice Beattie in the
Hamilton High Court in 1974. Is it the position that the lies you say were
told to the Court were confined to cases heard during that time.

If you would be good enough to provide me with the information I have
requested above, that will enable me to begin inquiries into the particular
cases with which I will be concerned, so that once the trial I have is
completed, some progress will have been made in expediting this inquiry.

I look forward to receiving your reply.

Yours faithfully

Bruce Squire QC.
Featherston Chambers
P O Box 10-157



(3.)  For the purpose of transparency, my formal response to the independent investigator has been posted online, in-lieu of a reply by letter. Here is the link:


As a courtesy to members of the Blind Mailing List, here is the text of my message:

25 April 2008

Bruce Squire QC.
Featherston Chambers
P O Box 10-157

Dear Mr Bruce Squires QC

SUBJECT: “Whaika Te Whakapono” Seek for the Truth – Follow the Truth

Your email of 18 March 2008 refers

I welcome your involvement in my rehabilitation process and look forward to
meeting you in Wellington when your framework of other commitments allow

Kindly advise by return email the time, date and location of venue,
convenient for your purpose, that we may arrange an appointment . . .

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Patrick John O’Brien
X-Constable 3667


(4.) Thank you for all your ongoing support!

Life is good, the road continues to provide — and my blessings continue


Kind regards

Patrick O’Brien



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