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10 – 20080707

Posted in Newsletters by Patrick O'Brien on 7 July, 2008

“Whaika te Whakapono”

Seek for the Truth – Follow the Truth



Update No. 10 / ~ The Snow Has Arrived

From: O’Brien
To: {opt-in} Blind Mailing List
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2008
Subject: The Snow Has Arrived . . .

Greetings from the road . . .

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(2.)  STEP-ONE (the first of five separate steps in this, my rehabilitation process) has now been completed. Here is a summary of STEP-ONE:

(a)  Confession of Perjury: my original, digitally signed letter to Dame Sian Elias, the Chief Justice of New Zealand, is available here

(b)  Publicly admit my offences of perjury: transcripts of my interviews, and links to the live video archives at both TV3 and Television One containing footage of those interviews, are availablehere

(c)  Establish a Blind Mailing List: this directory of newsletters and updates relevant to events in my process is available here

(d)  Create an archive: this free, open, on-line-resource containing relevant documents for research and downloading is available here

(3.)  People have sent emails or spoken about their concerns of what may happen to me as a result of government action arising from my confession and rehabilitation process . . .

Please be assured that what government does now is irrelevant — even in the event of a worse-case-scenario

I am not the first undercover police officer in New Zealand to confess to perjury (at last count I was number 20) and, on each of those previous occasions, and on carrying out an “independent” inquiry, the government’s response has been the same: “there is no evidence to support these claims” — or words to that affect

Therefore, while I am most willing to fully cooperate with the government’s current “independent” inquiry headed by Mr Bruce Squires QC of Wellington, my own rehabilitation process will arrive at its intended outcome, as was planned — and, irrespective of government

(4.)  So, having completed STEP-ONE in my process, I recently crossed Cook Strait and am now travelling in the North Island

The snow followed me!

But not to worry: my gear is excellent and the kindness of strangers has had me well fed and sheltered from these winter storms that arrive, wave after wave (each worse than the last, it seems) plus a full length set of merino thermal skins — gifted by some kind soul — keep me snug and warm

My blessings continue . . .


Kind regards

Patrick O’Brien



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