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11 – 20080822

Posted in Newsletters by Patrick O'Brien on 22 August, 2008

“Whaika te Whakapono”

Seek for the Truth – Follow the Truth



Update No. 11 / ~ (and) … then came the rain!

From: O’Brien
To: {opt-in} Blind Mailing List
Sent: Friday, August 22, 2008
Subject: . . . (and) . . . then came the rain!

Greetings from the road . . .

(1.)  You have received this email after opting-in to my Blind Mailing List. Directions for managing subscriptions are given below {*} and, should you wish to distribute the newsletter, an on-line version is available here

(2.)  STEP-TWO (the second of five separate steps in this, my rehabilitation process) has commenced and involves locating the victims of my perjury — or, as I have come to call this part of the process, “seeking my targets”

Effectively, STEP-TWO began with my interview on Campbell Live and carries on with the development of my Web Blog, these {opt-in} newsletters and my postings on various Web Sites, Chat Rooms and Internet Forums

STEP-TWO will continue until I have located all my targets and I am using various, unorthodox methods to find them: for example . . .

Next issue of the Waikato & BOP Law Society’s “newsletter” (27 August) will carry my half-page paid advertisement. The original, digitally signed layout in *.pdf format is available here and other relevant correspondence with the Law Society may be viewed here

(3.)  People have spoken of my “bravery” in undertaking this process. I need to comment:

In my view brave people are those who, when facing a required course of action that fills them with fear, will carry on regardless. Bravery does not apply in my situation because I am not fearful of my process — and not because I’m fearless — but, because . . . well, simply because there is nothing to fear

Afford me your time to demonstrate:

On Christmas Eve 2007 a copy of my original confession was sent to the government and a question often asked of me — why haven’t you been arrested — remains unanswered

Here’s a clock that measures the days: tick~tock ~ tick~tock

(4.)   Shortly after posting my previous update the icy storms abated . . . and . . . then came the rain(s)

Not to worry: tested by an R&D team in damp Fiordland valleys, my tent — for those who are interested in the technicalities of winter travel — is waterproofed to 3500 mm of hydrostatic head (British Standard 3424) and this kept me snug & dry at night

Hitchhiking in the rain is problematic, though. So, after teaching myself some new tricks, I became very skillful at catching rides without actually standing beside the road

But the rains continued, without stop, day after day, for weeks . . . and call me a wimp, but, when an old client invited me to the South Island for a photo-shoot, I was pleased to accept the ferry fare and escape the constant damp


My blessings continue . . .


Kind regards

Patrick O’Brien



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