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14 – 20090120

Posted in Newsletters, Updates by Patrick O'Brien on 20 January, 2009

“Whaika te Whakapono”

Seek for the Truth  –  Follow the Truth



Update No. 14 / ~ le race

From:  O’Brien
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Sent:  Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Subject . . . le race . . .

Greetings from the road . . .

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(2.)  The police department’s independent investigator, Mr Bruce Squire QC,  wrote seeking clarification of points in the November  “Supplement”.   My formal response to his letter {Appendix I} is available on-line  here

It appears the police department’s inquiry has run into an obstacle:  police administrators will not give their investigator the names of  my targets — without which, obviously, their inquiry is meaningless

Not to worry;  my rehabilitation process will not be affected by police administrators and I refer you to item (3) of the July 2008  Newsletter No 10

(3.)  Mr Squire’s difficulty in obtaining information from government is no surprise to this writer.  Here is an update on my information requests, itemised at  (2)(i) – (iii)  in  Newsletter No 13

By that numbering:

(i)  no response from the  Prime Minister’s office  regarding Google

(ii)  no response from  Clerk of the House  regarding admissions of perjury by 50 former agents

(iii)  no response from  Commissioner of Police  regarding their report on admissions of perjury
by those former agents’

These matters remain open . . .

(4.)  At time of drafting this Newsletter,  the  clock  read 392 days, 22 hours — plus minutes, seconds, and counting

(5.)  Readers who located that hidden door on my Web Site,  and took the time to look around my Parallel Universe, will have found the hitchhiking links, in particular that regarding my Zen or “minimalist” technique

Internationally, there is growing interest in my method and I have accepted a challenge to race right around the South Island in late summer.  An interesting prospect, given that  my opponent will be a young, attractive female from Germany — and,  I will give her a head start

Surprisingly, least ways for me, most commentators and observers are backing the girl to win

Watch this space!


Life is good;  the road continues to provide and my blessings continue . . .



Patrick O’Brien



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