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15 – 20090725

Posted in Newsletters, Police Corruption, Updates by Patrick O'Brien on 25 July, 2009

“Whaika te Whakapono”

Seek for the Truth  –  Follow the Truth



Update No. 15 / ~ “Q & A with QC Squire”

From:  O’Brien
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Sent:  Saturday, July 25, 2009
Subject:  “Q & A with QC Squire”

Greetings from the road . . .

(1.)  You have received this email after opting-in to my Blind Mailing List.  Directions for managing subscriptions are given below {*} and, should you wish to distribute this newsletter, an on-line version is available — here

(2.)  I now have an appointment in Wellington for an evidential interview with the police and their “independent” investigator, Mr Bruce Squire QC.  Our recent correspondence is available on-line — here

The interview will be recorded and a transcript made available on-line — here 

(3.)  My effort to obtain the names of my targets continues and police administrators continue to refuse helping me.  Recent correspondence with Commissioner Howard Broad is available on-line — here

(4.)  In a departure from my practise of the past few seasons, I have stayed on in the South Island this winter.  Somehow, the south’s  sub-zero night time temperatures seemed more attractive than the big wet I experienced last year while hitchhiking in the north (refer Item 4 of  Newsletter No 11 — here)

While this decision has provided a challenge to both mind and gear, it has also gifted me opportunities every day to experience peoples’ kindness — without which, I would not survive

The experience has been humbling. Thank you!

My blessings continue . . .



Patrick  O’Brien



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