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23 – 20120910

Posted in Newsletters, Police Corruption, Updates by Patrick O'Brien on 5 September, 2012

“Whaika te Whakapono”

Seek for the Truth  –  Follow the Truth




Update No. 23 / ~ “Cover-up” (letter to the Queen)


●  On 20 August 2012 the police department wrote wanting me to provide them with a “supplementary statement”   for their “criminal investigation” — and so here it is . . .

5 September 2012:

It is nearly five years now since I wrote to the Chief Justice and confessed telling lies in court to obtain convictions against my targets while working as an undercover officer and agent-provocateur for the Crown. Since then, I have fully cooperated with the police department’s self-styled “independent” inquiry — admitted criminal liability for my offending, stated I will plead guilty to any charges, and have also provided police with an evidential interview where I made a full and frank admission of my offending.

So — tick~tock~tick~tock — what’s the delay? Why haven’t I been arrested?

Huh, it turns out the police department now want me to come in and have . . . a “talk” . . .

For the sake of transparency, I wrote to the department’s criminal investigator (yea, they’ve had an “inquiry” — now they’re having an “investigation”) asking that he formulate in writing what it is the police wished to say to me, and, further, to put in writing any more questions they might have of me. The department has refused, saying they need to “discuss” these matters with me and create a “supplementary” statement.

Yep, same-old same-old, Déjà vu, for I recognise this as being the part where my revelations are written off, covered up and buried — as has happened before, with the USED Group being one notable example.

Well, I’m not having any of it and I’ve written to Her Majesty the Queen, today’s date, advising I will not be party to a cover-up of my own offending — nor will I play any further role in this corrupt perversion being conducted by the police department.

A plain text transcript of the Queen’s letter, including a Link to my original digitally signed document, is here:


Thank you

Patrick O’Brien

COPY:  Commissioner of Police  (digitally signed letter in PDF format)


▪ Confirmed — the undercover programme’s administrators are
directing the police department’s “inquiries” into these matters.
See item (3) of email from criminal investigator, here:


▪ Refused — my request for copy of “independent” investigator’s
report from Mr Bruce Squire, QC., here:


▪ Secret Inquiry — it’s official, New Zealand police will not release the
findings of their “inquiry” into my perjury and evidence tampering:





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