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25 – 20121130

Posted in Newsletters, Police Corruption, Updates by Patrick O'Brien on 30 November, 2012

“Whaika te Whakapono”

Seek for the Truth  –  Follow the Truth




Update No. 25 / ~ Information Request:


Five years ago today, I wrote to Dame Sian Elias, the Chief Justice of New Zealand, and confessed telling lies in court to obtain convictions against my targets  while working as an agent-provocateur for the Crown.

So — here we are, one independent inquiry, an evidential interview, plus a criminal investigation later — what’s been happening in Wellington?

I’ve written to the Minister of Police to find out . . .

My information request today’s date and the Minister’s response are on-line here:




Secret Inquiry

August 07, 2013 — it’s official — New Zealand police will not release the findings
from their “independent” inquiry into my perjury and evidence tampering:




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