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Undercover cops:

Posted in Police Corruption, Undercover cops by Patrick O'Brien on 12 April, 2013

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‘Undercover Policing’

A Psychiatrist’s Perspective

A.D. Macleod


This paper on undercover agents in the New Zealand Police was published by the International Journal of Law and Psychiatry. Its author, Dr A.D. (Sandy) Macleod, is New Zealand’s pre-eminent clinical expert on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, having worked with veterans from the Vietnam, Korean and Second World wars.

At the time he wrote this paper, Dr Macleod was a consulting psychiatrist for the Undercover Programme and he acknowledges that the paper is therefore subjective — in addition to which, the study only involved a relatively small sample of agents (collectively known as The USED Group). That said, his work remains to provide us with a small yet useful insight into the world of an undercover agent:

Undercover Policing  (PDF – 11 MB)



Although I have met Dr Macleod, I was not involved in his study.  At the time
of my deployment
there were no psychiatric services available to the agents.


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