O'Brien . . . My Long Road Back

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“Whaika te Whakapono”

Seek for the Truth  –  Follow the Truth



I am seeking contact with people convicted of criminal offences during
the early to mid 1970s following drug trials around New Zealand, when,
as the Crown’s principal witness, I lied to the courts and I lied to the juries
to obtain those convictions.

Should any target wish to seek remedy for their damages arising from my
perjury I will assist them and/or their legal teams in any way I can.

The government  will not help me  identify those former targets and I am
trying a variety of approaches to find them.

If this message applies to you — or to anyone you know — please contact
me in confidence at any of the four options provided below.

The following photograph is provided as an aide-memoir;  a good likeness
of my operational appearance in 1974:


October 1974