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●  Following my appearance on  Campbell Live — police administrators released the following:

Media Release  –  18 February 2008
From: Office of the Commissioner
Police National Headquarters
180 Molesworth Street

“A significant portion of the allegations made by Mr O’Brien to TV3 have been investigated on several previous occasions, by Police and by independent investigators.’  [see FOOTNOTE]

‘Those previous investigations, of the perjury allegations, could not obtain sufficient evidence of perjury to enable the cases to be further prosecuted or otherwise pursued with the former undercover agents.’

‘However, NZ Police view Mr O’Brien’s most recent comments very seriously. He has raised new allegations relating to tampering with evidence. We look forward to his cooperation in helping investigate these new allegations.’

‘We are working to engage an independent investigator – a Queens Counsel – to conduct the investigation into Mr O’Brien’s latest allegations. That person will be in contact with Mr O’Brien once the terms and scope of the investigation have been finalised.”

link:  media release here.doc


Foot Notes . . .

References, links & documentation relating to previous inquiries of  undercover police
officers admitting perjury are  here  (an information request to the clerk of the house,
parliament) and  here  (an Official Information Act request to commissioner of police)
and  here  (a police media release in 2004) and  here (Television One News)  plus my
commentary on the USED Group.


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