O'Brien . . . My Long Road Back

         • Tick~tock~tick~tock

“It is not necessary to bury the truth. It is sufficient merely

to delay it until nobody cares.” ~ Napoléon Bonaparte

Copyright 2001 © Patrick  O’Brien


●  On Christmas Eve 2007 a copy of my original  confession  was sent to the  government  and a question
often asked of me — why haven’t you been arrested — remains unanswered  [see FOOTNOTES]

.●  At time of this update: 3,162 days have passed . . . plus hours, minutes, seconds and counting . . .

.●  Here’s a clock that keeps the days:   tick ~ tock ~ tick ~ tock



.[i]  Secret Inquiry ~ cover-up of the “independent” inquiry by New Zealand Police

[ii] see items (2) and (3) of my commentary  “Cop-outs & Cover-ups” regarding “independent” inquiries.

[iii]  see my  information request  for a copy of report from the “independent” inquiry.

[iv]  here is a  summary  of my Information Requests that have been refused.

[v]  “Bring on the clowns” ~ three commentaries in a newsletter/update.

[vi]  “Cover-up” ~ a commentary and introduction for my letter to the Queen.

[vii]   here is the . . . time-line  in my process.



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