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13 – 20081031

Posted in Newsletters, Updates by Patrick O'Brien on 31 October, 2008

“Whaika te Whakapono”

Seek for the Truth  –  Follow the Truth



Update No. 13 / ~ trick, or treat . . . ?

From:  O’Brien
To:  {opt-in} Blind Mailing List
Sent:  Friday, October 31, 2008
Subject: . . . trick, or treat . . . ?

Greetings from the road . . .

(1.)  You have received this email after opting-in to my Blind Mailing List.  Directions for managing subscriptions are given below {*} and, should you wish to distribute this newsletter, an on-line version is available here

(2.)  New content on my Blog this week:

(i)  Letter to the Prime Minister requesting information,  here

(ii)  Letter to the Clerk of the House of Representatives requesting information,  here

(iii)  Letter to Commissioner of Police requesting information,  here

The relevance of these letters will become apparent over coming months . . . trick, or treat . . . ?

(3.)  My “contact” page has been updated and a photograph,  which is a good likeness of my operational appearance circa 1974,  has also been added as an aide-memoir  for my targets,  here

(4.)  The New Zealand Herald’s weekend edition — Herald on Sunday — published three articles this month that created international interest in my process.  Links to the articles are available on my Blog,  here

(5.)  Roar Prawn — the busted blonde’s  blog-watch on political corruption — is now monitoring these events,  here

(6.)  The police department’s “independent” investigator wrote again following this renewed media interest.  You may follow my correspondence stream with Mr Bruce Squire QC.,  here

In his latest email, Mr Squire writes:

“. . . As you will appreciate, without that information  (edit – the names of my targets)  it is almost impossible to identify the persons who might have been affected by your claimed perjured evidence, to locate them and to pursue the inquiry in any meaningful way . . .”

(7.)  The road continues to provide and I am most grateful for the kind, practical support received on my journey around the country:  places to sleep, food, hot showers, laundry facilities, the list is endless.  Thank you!

Stowing my thermal skins was premature, though.  The nights are still cool, even freezing in some areas, so they’ve been relocated to an easy-access-pocket on my pack

It has been a busy month with media meetings and long hours sitting at my keyboard working on background material — reflected in a relatively low mileage on October’s hitchhiking log

Thank you for all the personal emails and messages of support

 It’s all good, and my blessings continue . . .



Patrick O’Brien



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